Where would we be without words? We would be less human. Without words we couldn’t communicate precisely and in our own distinctive style. We couldn’t read, write, talk, debate, joke, rhyme, sing, pray, chant, or cheer. But even though words play such a crucial role in our lives, they have never claimed their rightful place in a museum; they are the unheralded, overlooked, disregarded artifacts of our world.

Planet Word aims to change all that.

At Planet Word, come waltz with a verb, sip a bowl of alphabet soup, stroll with Question Mark, hold hands with that inseparable pair Q and U, and pay a visit to Spelling Bea. Identify accents, tell us how you say soda and hoagie, learn tips from professional dialect coaches, and climb a Tower of Babel or tunnel through a prepositional playground. From speaking to listening to reading to writing, fun language experiences will await you around every corner at Planet Word.

—Ann Friedman, founder, Planet Word


Planet Word is a world where every aspect of language comes together in one place: